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Rocko's Guitar:  Rocko’s Guitar, by Dr. Geoff Johnson, a story about a young anthropomorphic character who adores his dad, a budding musician. Rocko’s story represents a father’s gift to his son (the prized guitar). When Dad suddenly ends up missing, Mom lies to Rocko about his whereabouts, insisting that he is away in Europe on a musical tour. Young Rocko can’t understand how Dad left him without saying good by. He therefore acts out in schools upon Dad’s disappearance and gets sent to an afterschool program at a local community center. This center is where he meets Dad’s former bandmate. During this encounter, Rocko learns that Dad is not in Europe on tour, but rather in prison. Through Rocko’s story, we learn of the importance of truth-telling, supportive relationships (micro and meso level), forgiveness, role ambiguity, anger, and ultimately strong support systems as protective factors for children. This book is currently in production. Visit


Book Title: 'African American Women with Incarcerated Mates: The Psychological and Social Impacts of Mass Imprisonment'

by Avon Hart-Johnson

ISBN-13: 9781476666822
Publisher: McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers

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Jamie's Big Visit:Jamie's Big Visit, by Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson, a book about parental incarceration and prison visits. Children process separation and resultant grief in different ways. These little ones are sometimes the last to learn about the absent parent or loved one's incarceration. Their loss can be internalized, leaving the child feeling angry, guilty-and worried. The affected child may wonder when he or she will ever see the absent person again. This book chronicles Jamie the Bear's experience as he learns about grown-up time-out (incarceration). This guide helps a parent or caregiver to explain and minimize the possible fear associated with the first prison visit. When a parent or loved one goes to prison, it can feel like someone died.

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