MENTOR. She May have been incarcerated, but she like each of us, deserves a second chance. Mentor to make an impact in the community. We need volunteers to pair with each of our female returning citizens (we do not use the term ex-offenders).Learn about our mentor program: Click here

Just Released! You will find your own story in this book even if you do not have an incarcerated loved one. Grief, loss, and contending with life's difficult issues is something that we all can relate to. I encourage you to browse through the content and enjoy the process of healing from emotional upsets and even trauma.  

​Book Summary: After four decades of mass incarceration in the U.S., the disproportionate number of black men in prisons has contributed to an epidemic of black women struggling to support fragile families. Yet the literature is scant on how African American women are affected by the imprisonment of their partners. Drawing on case studies and firsthand accounts, the author brings needed perspective to the political, economic and psychological challenges they face--including the experience of symbolic imprisonment or "serving time on the outside."

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​FAMILY HANDBOOK. This project concerns the cornerstone of DCPC’s mission. We believe that our resource guide will provide user-friendly information about the various ways families are impacted by the criminal justice system for the clients we serve. This project is in production and is scheduled for completion, during 2018. Please check back for an online version of this handbook.

Listen to Dr. Hart-Johnson's Discussion on Children with incarcerated parents.

Did you know that children of incarcerated parents are rarely supported by churches, community, and schools in a manner that addresses stigma and grief of losing a parent who is in prison. These children are at risk for inter-generational incarceration themselves. During 2018, we will launch our children's reading circle. If you would like to volunteer to host a circle at your day care, church, community center, or school, please contact us by clicking on the "Make a Difference" tab, and contact sheet and inform us of your request. We would love to have you as a part of our outreach. Please help us save a generation of children.


Upcoming events include our:

1) Book Launch - February 21, 2018: DCPC  will hold a launch party for the release of our new publications. Edison Place Gallery. Email for info.

2) Mentor Program 2018: Recruitment and Training begins Feb. through April 2018. More information will be posted as we draw near to the New Year.

3) Prisoner's Family Conference will take place in Dallas TX this year. Once again DCPC will collaborate and lead the Advocacy in Action Coalition. For more information, visit: Click Here

4) Career Day for Returned Citizens: During the Spring of 2018, DCPC will work with local universities and The Fairview to host a career day to assist in reentry initiatives and employment services.

COFFEE TALK & ME. Some of the most endearing conversations take place on Tuesday mornings in a safe circle between our DC Project Facilitator, Dr. Hart-Johnson and women who are returning home from prison. We like to call these support groups a safe-circle. In this psycho-educational group there are three prongs that make up the philosophy of our signature program entitled, "Coffee Talk & MeTime."