Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson, HS-BCP

Avon Hart-Johnson, PhD

2014 - Dr. Hart-Johnson's research on African American Women with incarcerated mates, resulted in a grounded theory entitled, "Symbolic Imprisonment, Grief, and Copying Theory."

2015 - Launched DC Project Connect in response to a lack of resources found for families of the incarcerated in the Washington, DC area.

2015 - DCPC expands  to Pilot "Empowering Lives" mentor program for females returning home from prison.

2016 - DCPC launches its signature "Coffee Talk & Me Time" Psychoeducational support group at The Fairview Residential Reentry Center

2016- DCPC conducted a multiple case study in the United Kingdom focused on family-centric prison visits practices. This work led to multiple publications, including the publication, 'Contemporary Research and Analysis: Invisible Children'. Read More

Mr. Geoffrey Johnson
Our Executive Director brings a background in criminal investigations, auditing, and research. Shown in photo with Mercy Morganfield at event.

Foundation History


Art Gallery
DCPC hosting community conversations about mass Incarceration.

Dr. Hart-Johnson
Dr. Hart-Johnson with Dr. Eric Mike Dyson, Georgetown University sociology professor, a New York Times contributing opinion writer, and author.

Our founder

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mission & vision

The mission of DC Project Connect is to provide crisis intervention and information resources to families affected by incarceration; we support reentry initiatives that strengthen families.

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I began this mission with a sense of urgency. My focus was to support families who were suffering in silence because of their grief and loss due to a loved one's incarceration. However, after learning of the plight of children and their moms who are in prison, my heart melted and I knew the mission had to expand. We now provide reentry mentoring for women returning home from prison in addition to our initial focus on supporting families during crisis associated with incarceration.


Why We care

If we effectively rehabilitate those who are incarcerated, each of us should be able to sleep better at night knowing that our world is a safer place. As such, we believe in second chances, restorative justice, and treating everyone with dignity and respect.  

DCPC Panel
DCPC 's Dr. Johnson, Dr. Tara Garrison, Dr. Tiffany Simmons, and Mr. Louis Sawyer (Reentry Discussion)

Charles Hart
Director of Social Media. His background in social media helps us reach people one tweet, post, or click at at time.

DCPC Executives
DCPC 's Human Capital Specialist, Ms. Casandra Allen and Dr. Hart-Johnson

Dr. Hart-Johnson
Discusses her book African American women with Incarcerated Mates. Moderator, Mercy Morganfield, President Woman's March DC, Daugher of Muddy Waters.


Volunteer, speak out, get involved, give your time, raise awareness, and dare to denounce stigma.

Use your power to make social change.