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The Aging People in Prison Human Rights Campaign Delegation will Include Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson

Inter American Commission's Human Rights 188TH Period of Sessions Public Hearing November 06, 2023.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, October 30th, 2023

Contact: Nicole Holmes; APP-HRC Public Relations; Media Inquiries, Interviews;,

Representatives from the Aging People in Prison Human Rights Campaign will provide testimony to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights about the plight of generational incarceration and its impact on Black women of African descent.

Washington DC – On Monday, November 6th, 2023, Aging People in Prison Human Rights Campaign (APP-HRC) will participate in The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights 188th Period of Sessions (IACHR) on Monday, November 6th, 2023, 8:30-10:00 a.m. IACHR Releases Schedule of Public Hearings for the 188th Period of Sessions (

The delegation will bring attention to the loss of human resources through generational incarceration and the impact it's had on Black women of African descent. The delegation will highlight the need for a reparative justice system that repairs the harm and loss done to the black family of African descent over 400 years.

Delegation: Efia Nwangaza, Esq. -South Carolina-Civil/Human Rights Attorney and Historian, Founding Director of the Malcolm X Center for Self-Determination and WMXP-LP Community Radio. Veteran of the 1960s Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, a co-founder of the National Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXG), and the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America.

Simone Harris-Delaware-CEO & Founder Harris FOUNDATION, Activist, Author, Radio Host, Singer/Songwriter. The Mother of a Son Sentenced to Life plus 527 Years /

Krystal Young-Pennsylvania-A Philadelphia activist and justice-impacted person. A lead organizer with the University City Townhomes Resident Coalition. She has partnered with local organizations like Save the Chinatown Coalition, W.E. B. DuBois Abolition School, and Philadelphia Black Lives Matter.

Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson-Washington DC-A Researcher, Author, and Advocate. President and Co-Founder of DC Project Connect/DCPC. Chairperson of the Advocacy in Action Coalition, Vice President on the board of directors for the International Coalition for Children with Incarcerated Parents.

Maya Hylton Garza, Esq. - California-Private litigation attorney in Los Angeles, CA. General Counsel for Aging People in Prison Human Rights Campaign. Graduated from UCLA Law, specializing in Public Interest Law and Policy and Critical Race Studies. Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs and a BA from Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Tasseli McKay- North Carolina- Research fellow in the Department of Sociology at Duke University. Author of books Stolen Wealth, Hidden Power: The Case for Reparations for Mass Incarceration, and Holding On: Fatherhood and Family During and After Incarceration (with Comfort, Lindquist, and Bir). Doctorate in Social Policy from the London School of Economics.

Tomiko Shine- National- Cultural Anthropologist and Founding Director of Aging People in Prison Human Rights Campaign (APP-HRC)

A press conference will follow the hearing at 10:30 a.m. If anyone is interested in the delegation report send an Email to and put in the Subject Line: Reparations Mass Incarceration and Black Women Report. All hearings will be public and are to be broadcast on the Inter American Commission's Human Rights institutional accounts on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Aging People in Prison Human Rights Campaign is a national human rights organization that advocates and mitigates for the release of elderly prisoners who along with their families have spent 30,40,50, 60+ years incarcerated and/or separated. Aging People in Prison Human Rights Campaign (APP-HRC) builds on the historical lineage of abolition while demonstrating reparative justice for the centuries of trauma, separation, and loss to black women of African descent in the United States due to generational incarceration.

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