The Issues. While there is a tremendous focus in the Washington, DC area on various prisoner reentry strategies, DC Project Connect (DCPC), a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization, contends that supportive family is one of the most effective reentry strategies for returning citizens (ex-offenders). As such, DCPC holds that strong familial ties can help returning citizens to: overcome housing challenges and financial instability, and provide critical resources for their transition. Strong families also contribute to strong communities. We believe that the nexus between familial stability and reentry is the domain in which we operate most successfully. Further, we believe that reentry strategies begin when the loved one goes to prison not just during the transition home. Therefore, we seek to:

  • Strengthen families by providing social support programs and mentoring for returning citizens; using evidence-based practices and research

  • Advocate for social justice by collaborating with community partners

  • Raise awareness about mass incarceration’s adverse effects on families and communities

Service Delivery Model. DC Project Connect recruits volunteers from the community. Our volunteers provide on-site mentorship for mothers/women who are preparing to transition from prison and to reunite with their families. Life skills and group support is critical to this transition. Therefore, we provide on-site one-on-one mentoring and group support circles at DC's Residential Reentry Center for women. All of our services are rendered on-site at client locations and via online portals to ensure that the cost of operations is minimized. Training is provided for our volunteers on an ongoing basis.

To Volunteer. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or a board member, please complete the contact form (located on the upper right of our page) and share your interest. Our Board Secretary will forward an application. Background checks are required for volunteers who become mentors or life skills facilitators.

"Family is not an important thing, its everything"

Our Mission

The mission of DC Project Connect is to provide crisis intervention and information resources to families affected by incarceration; we support reentry initiatives that strengthen families.


Our Vision

The vision of DC Project Connect is to function as a clearinghouse of information about the adverse impacts of mass incarceration on the family of the incarcerated.

Board of Directors



President, Co-Founder

Dr. Hart-Johnson, president and co-founder of DC Project Connect. "As a researcher, and advocate, I am passionate about supporting family and children affected by incarceration. This is my journey and social change focus." ~ Dr. Hart-Johnson

Dr. Hart-Johnson is the Vice President of the International Coalition of Children With Incarcerated Parents organization and serves as Chairperson for the Advocacy in Action Coalition for the International Prisoner Family Conference.



Executive Director, Co-Founder

Dr. Geoffrey Johnson is the Vice President and Executive Director of DC Project Connect (DCPC). This nonprofit organization is focused on the adverse impacts of incarceration on families and children in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. He brings a wealth of knowledge to DCPC about the criminal justice system, as he has over 30 years of federal law enforcement and forensic audit experience. During his last tenure with the federal government, Mr. Johnson served as the Assistant Inspector General for Investigations at the Peace Corps.



Board Member, Treasurer

Rose is our finance person. She helps us to maintain our focus on transparency solid bookkeeping. We appreciate Rose’s insight and expertise she brings to our organization as well. Rose has a strong background in information technology, business strategies, and change management. She has held several presentations for the ladies at the Fairview halfway house.


Board Member


Philip is one of the most dedicated attorneys that we know. His passion for civil rights, reentry, and DC parole makes him a force to be reckoned with.


Board Advisor


Meet Ro, board advisor and CEO of Strong Prison Wives and Families. Ro has been with DCPC for over 4 years. From time to time, she provides guidance and contributes through collaboration on various project. She uses her social-media genius help us to produce great content and interviews.

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Board Vacency


This could be you! Are you passionate about Reentry and Families Affected by Incarceration? If you would like to complete an application with DCPC, please send your contact information to dcprojectconnect@gmail.com. Please allow 2 weeks for processing.


Board Member, Secretary


Say hello to Casandra, our Board Secretary. She brings a rich background as an MBA and human capital specialist. We appreciate the skills that Casandra brings in the are of policy, ethics, and human resources. Each of these skills are needed to run an effective board of directors and cadre of volunteers.


Board Member, Board Member


Meet Charles, our photographer. His eye for photography and video has produced moments captured in time, not to be forgotten. We appreciate that he photo-documents our journey through the eyes of his camera.


Board Advisor


Ms. Mary's wisdom, dedication and expertise in nursing keeps the team focused on the health and wellbeing of the families of whom we serve.



Board Advisor, Creative Team

Board  Advisor for DC Project Connect

My name is Neela Hoeppner and I’m from Dallas, Texas. I share two children with my husband who is currently incarcerated in the federal prison system. I found my passion in criminal justice reform when my husband went away in 2016. I try to educate anyone who gives me the chance on the prison system and the effects it also has on incarcerated loved ones. I’m currently working in retail while attending school to get my associates in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.  



Board Advisor, Creative Team

Grace is a fourth-year undergraduate at the University of California, Los Angeles studying psychology and public policy. Her favorite person and role model, her father, is currently incarcerated in the federal prison system. She is extremely motivated to make a positive impact on the criminal justice system and is an outspoken advocate for prisoners’ rights, sentencing reform, and racial justice.

Stay tuned for Grace's Forthcoming Blogs!



Board Advisor, Creative Team

“I have a passion, wanting to help and to be a part of a movement that means something and stands for what I have dealt with first hand. I have personally experienced being an incarcerated mother. I not only left behind my then 2 ½-year-old son, but also gave birth to my daughter in federal custody. I can relate to the feelings and confusion as well as the daily struggles after incarceration. I know that it is possible, it is hard, but it is worth it!! “

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