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See what we have been up to! Review our FY2022 Annual Report (Period: 10/1/2021 through  9/30/2022)

While there is a tremendous focus in the Washington, DC area on various prisoner reentry strategies, DC Project Connect (DCPC) contends that a supportive family is one of the most effective reentry strategies for returning citizens. As such, DCPC holds that strong familial ties can help returning citizens to: overcome housing challenges and financial instability, and provide critical resources for their transition.


Strong families also contribute to strong communities. We believe that the nexus between familial stability and reentry is the domain in which we operate most successfully. Further, we believe that reentry strategies begin when the loved one goes to prison, not just during the transition home. Therefore, we seek to:

  1. Strengthen families by providing social support programs and mentoring for returning citizens; using evidence-based practices and research.

  2. Advocate for social justice by collaborating with community partners.

  3. Raise awareness about mass incarceration’s adverse effects on families and communities.




The mission of DC Project Connect is to provide crisis intervention and information resources to families affected by incarceration; we support reentry initiatives that strengthen families.



The vision of DC Project Connect is to function as a clearinghouse of information about the adverse impacts of mass incarceration on the family of the incarcerated.


DC Project Connect is a volunteer organization that recruits volunteers from the community. Our volunteers provide on-site mentorship for women and mothers who are preparing to transition from prison and reunite with their families. Life skills and group support are critical to this transition. Therefore, we provide on-site one-on-one mentoring and group support circles at DC's Residential Reentry Center for women. All of our services are rendered on-site at client locations and via online portals to ensure that the cost of operations is minimized. Training is provided for our volunteers on an ongoing basis.



If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or a board member, please complete the contact form and share your interest. If you fit our current organizational needs, our Board Secretary will forward you an application. Please note: background checks are required for volunteers who become mentors or life skills facilitators.

Volunteer Positions: Open Positions for Board Members, Treasurer, and Volunteer Facilitators.

Most activities are conducted virtually since the pandemic. However, as of September 2022, we have begun to do outdoor events and limited in-person engagement. Our internships are virtual only. If you are interested in becoming a speaker for a life skills class, you may inquire about becoming a speaker for our "speakers' series" during Coffee Talk & Me Time, hosted at DC's halfway house for women.

Our Mission

"Family is not an important thing, its everything"


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