A Strong Fiscal Start FY2020 Updating Financial Reporting

--Delaware. Rose Watkins has been with DC Project Connect since the launch of the nonprofit back in 2014. She knows finance and has a keen eye for ensuring that DCPC is positioned to grow strategically with the right reporting tools in mind.


Rose Watkins, DCPC Treasurer and DCPC Executive Officers, has collaborated with CFR Ms.Rosemary Anyanwu, CFE, Rosyan Bookkeeping Services (shown to the left) to bolster our nonprofit organization’s accounting capabilities to ensure robust reporting of donations, financial deposits, online credit & debit card transactions; financial reconciliations, and financial reports.

During Rose's (shown below) training, she received an overview of QuickBooks and related bookkeeping protocol. Her goal during FY2020 is to ensure that DC Project Connect is efficient and has a strong financial backbone for receiving large federal grants. DC Project Connect will celebrate 5 years of operation this year. We appreciate all that Rose does for our organization.


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