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Brainstorming and Coincidences Meet Ms. Tasha Berry-Monroe

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Brainstorming and Coincidences

We are consistently reminded that it is a small world when it comes to supporting returning citizens and families affected by incarceration. DCPC executives, Dr. Hart-Johnson and Dr. Johnson were introduced to Ms. Tasha Berry-Monroe, [CEO & Founder, TBS Facility Services and CEO of the nonprofit, Phoenix Reintegration Project, LLC ] by Ms. Rose Watkins (DCPC Treasurer). The organization leaders met to discuss possible collaboration on future projects. During this introductory meeting, PRS and DCPC brainstormed and found that we have similar goals; helping returning citizens stabilize through training and mentoring. Accordingly, PRS provides training to returned citizens preparing them for licensing and certifications. DCPC, on the other hand, provides training to parents and caregivers on having sensitive discussions with young children about parental incarceration. By coincidence, one of our other long time board members has known Ms. Berry-Monroe for years. We are looking forward to teaming up on future projects together!


Tasha is an author and a community advocate. See her recent book, a riveting discourse about overcoming the odds and soaring in spite of it all, "Finding My Why| Forgiveness and Apology."

Ms. Berry-Monroe's company, TBS is noted for their quality work and expertise with federal contracts, including a Minority Small Business contract for logistics and services for the Gaylord Hotel.

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