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DC Project Connect Hosts Reading Circle at the Jail and Halfway House in DC

Explaining loss to children can be one of the most heartbreaking and scary experiences for parents. Now, complicate that experience with discussion parental incarceration--the nuances are compounded and the emotions are right there waiting to spillover. DC Project Connect understands that experience based on research, advocacy, and personal observations.


Teaching bibliotherapy (the art of using books to tackle difficult discussions, better understand emotions, and to make meaning of life events) does not have to be filled with saddness. Dr. Avon and Dr. Geoff have made great use of icebreakers and have integrated Avatars in their coursework. Using a nonjudgmental approach, parents navigate the emotions expressed in teh storybooks and roleplay discussions.

Using Storybooks, Dr's Avon and Geoff have trained parents how to have sensitive discussions with children in age appropriate ways. In the class, the parents learn how young children understand their world through sensory responses (sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell). Each storybook integrates these components. Additionally parents learn that children are watching them closely. They absorb the world around them like sponges. They learn to problem solve and even develop emotional responses based on what adults share in their daily engagement.

To learn more about reading circles or to inquire about hosting your own, please contact Dr. Hart-Johnson at

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