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DC Project Connect Welcomes New Board Members

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

As we closed out 2021 and ushered in 2022, DC Project Connect welcomed new members to its Board of Directors. The bench-strength that these board members bring, will offer DCPC insights, creativity, and commitment towards addressing the adverse impacts of mass incarceration on family systems and those who are returning to society from prison.

New members include: Allegra Pocinki, PhD candidate, educator, and advocate. We also welcome Dr. Amanda Lewis, who holds a Ph.D. in Criminology, Law, and Society. Dr. Lewis will be working alongside of other DCPC members in the DC community to foster social change. Ms. Emily Zhang is a welcome member to DCPC's board as well. She has worked with the organization in the past, facilitating DCPC Reading Circles using Bibliotherapy. Ms. Zhang's background and expertise working with Children of Incarcerated Parents is a welcome skillset to the Board. Ms. Julie Uribe brings a background in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to DCPC. her expertise provides the Board with insights regarding the population of whom we serve. Ms. Vetta Dunston has been a friend of DCPC for years, engaging in various fundraising drives for the Holidays and other critical times of need for female returning citizens. Her business savvy and leadership will complement DCPC’s existing board makeup. Ms. Tiffany Green brings a criminal justice background, holding a master’s degree and she has a research background in this area as well. Ms. Casandra Allen is continuing her role as Board Secretary. Ms. Allen’s human resource specialization has helped DCPC to focus on human capital, but also understand the critical requirements for job readiness, mentoring, and other life skills for returning citizens. Last, but not least, Ms. Grace Cutting has been elected full Board Member. Grace was a board advisor for two years, assisting DCPC in research initiatives and also she has served as keynote speaker for international conferences. Grace will be working with the DCPC District of Columbia team on local initiatives.

We continue to offer praise and thanks for our existing, Board officers, including:

· Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson, President & Co-Founder

· Dr. Geoffrey Johnson, Vice President & Co-Founder

· Ms. Rose Watkins, Treasurer & Founding Board Member

· Mr. Charles Hart, Founding Board Member

· Ms. Neela Hoeppner, Board Advisor

· Mr. Philip Fornaci, Board Advisor

· Ms. Ro Clausen, Board Advisor, CEO, Strong Prison Wives

Please join us in welcoming these extremely talented individuals. We will highlight each member in the months to come.

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