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DC Project Kenotes at 11th Annual InterNational Prisoner’s Family Conference

--Dallas, Tx. The International Prisoner Family Conference just announced the upcoming 2020 conference to be located in Dallas, TX. Conference registration for keynotes and seminars is quickly approaching the 3/31/2020 deadline for submissions according to Carolyn Esparaza, IPFC Conference Chairperson. “Last year we saw the greatest number of new attendees seeking ways in which they could contribute to closing the empathy gap,” stated Carolyn.

During the 2019 Conference, Dr. Hart-Johnson, a Board member and Advocacy in Action Coalition chairperson of the International Prisoner’s Family Conference, along with Dr. Brenna Boppre, Wichita State University, presented a keynote message on “Person-Centered Language to Humanize People Affected by The Criminal Legal System.” Collectively this team, advised the audience that the use of people-first and identity-first language fosters human dignity and empathy towards individuals adversely affected by incarceration.

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