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Double-Jeopardy: Family Member Incarceration + COVID19. Who's Looking Out ?

It can be devastating to lose a loved one to any unfortunate circumstance. Incarceration adds layers of complexity to loss beyond the comprehension of many people without first-hand knowledge. However, vulnerable families left behind when a breadwinner is gone to prison while facing the threat of COVID19 might be beyond daunting. It may seem like an insurmountable challenge when the family member is in the system, and even unpredictable concerns when they come back home. A new family member means more food, higher bills, and possibly more medical concerns. DC Project Connect is reaching out to identify families of the incarcerated and link them with vital relief.

DC Project Connect’s core mission is to serve as an information resource hub for families. We seek to identify the family’s needs, match the appropriate resources, and ultimately through our community partners, contribute to the wellbeing of those most impacted by familial incarceration. Maryland and DC residents, please spread the word and help us to connect with families in need of support and resources. Discreetly point these families to our site ( and have them complete a confidential contact form. In this form, they will list their needs and/or contact information. We will pair families with critical resources.


A child who loses her mom or dad to prison doesn't care what the world thinks of the crime. His or her heart is broken and life might be affected in many ways such as school, moving into another home, broken attachments, and a host of other mental and physical outcomes.

Even if you have experienced the stress of a family member's incarceration it might be one of those "issues" you hide away in a box on the shelf and not deal with it unless you are forced. Even if this unfortunate occurrence takes place in your family, stigma may influence how you even respond to other’s plight. This shame has a spillover effect and even donating or contributing to causes of incarceration tend to remind you of what you choose to forget. Whether hidden or not, the matter does not just disappear and neither does the collateral damage. Many families face cascading impacts that do not just stop at financial ruin, family system disruption, and broken emotions. The messy disruptions leave bruising effects on may areas of family life, including the families' emotional state. If you or someone you know is in need of support, contact us. We are here to help.

DC Project Connect is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization serving families of the incarcerated in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves to leave a legacy, subscribe to our website, complete a contact form, and tell us about your willingness to serve. What are your purpose and passion?

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