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Protect Children Against COVID19 Propaganda & Misinformation

News coverage of the pandemic Coronavirus 19 is a 24-hour news cycle that vulnerable children can be exposed to. In their minds, the "sky is falling." Children will inevitably hear some of this negative and untrue news coverage. However, it is important for parents to help children to grapple what is happening in their lives. First, just note that children may hear such inappropriate medical advice such as injecting disinfectants in their bodies. Understand this: children are at risk for literally taking this advice at face value, so talk with your children first. Do not leave children to assume and take matters in their own hands. Check with the Centers for Disease Control Website and follow instructions from your medical physician. Also, use age-appropriate language to help children to feel safe in their own homes. Let them know that being inside allows them to contribute to doing their part to save the world. Offer children choices that empower them to choose helpful and healthy television shows. Giving children the right to choose allows them to feel empowered at a time where they may feel hopeless and helpless. Maintain structure and routines that enable them to continue their education, obtain exercise, and most importantly, allow children to be children. Should you need support, for referrals, contact, or use the chatbox. Be well.

Common Tips:

1. Find a fun TV channel and let it play fun shows during the day; especially if you are working from home in your office and the children are exposed to daily news. Consider playing music rather than daily television shows.

2. Consider putting away the remotes when leaving the room.

3. Schedule a weekly family chat. Plan fun meals together. Find a good book for children that give them hope and help them to use their imagination.

4. Let them zoom with their friends.

Be well.

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