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Spotlight On Rose Watkins, DCPC Fundraiser Of The Year

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

DCPC Board Member, Rose Watkins receives our "2019 Spotlight Award” for her philanthropic funding for our nonprofit organization. When Rose has a goal, there is no stopping her. She is diligent and driven! Rose set out to achieve a fundraising goal at the end of the year and received donations from numerous contributors, surpassing her target. We applaud Rose on her efforts and for the relationships she has developed with our grantors.


Rose Watkins is a DC Project Connect Board member and the Treasurer. The funding will be used to support our speaker series and mentorship efforts at the Fairview Residential Reentry Center (halfway house). This facility provides housing, training and assistance for women transitioning home from jail and prison. Many thanks to Rose and all of her contributors. These donations are important because DC Project Connect’ programs and services are largely provided pro bono. Without your contributions we couldn’t exist.

Your Donations Help Improve Lives of the Vulnerable

If you are interested in donating a contribution to DC Project Connect, please click our donate button. Most of our donations come from donors like you who help us achieve our mission.

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