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Storybook Training Can Change Lives (bibliotherapy rocks!)

DC Project Connect Unveils Caregiver & Parenting Training to Non-profit Organizations who Support Children with Incarcerated Parents

The research team affectionately known as the "Storybook Researchers" included Dr. Renata Hedrington-Jones, Dr. Geoff Johnson, and Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson, all of whom authored a children's book. "These books have a bibliotherapeutic benefit," said Hart-Johnson. Each book is thematic of major emotions and communication challenges that caregivers and their children might experience when a parent is incarcerated. The books are scenario-based and designed to help with parent-child communication when discussing the difficult subject of parental incarceration. The books also come with discussion starters to help parents talk identify and talk through children's emotions.


Companion training curriculum was developed for caregivers and practitioners to use our storybooks in a bibliotherapeutic manner. This means that books can be used as an intervention to heal emotional distress. Facilitators and case managers can better support caregivers and justice aligned parents using these tools. The training addresses critical communication issues and promotes child and family reunification efforts. In the future, The Storybook Research Project team will provide tailored training to educators, social workers, nonprofits and correction officials. If you are interested in the books or training contact us.

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