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Storybooks Are The Story

Dr. Hart-Johnson of DC Project Connect is highlighted in Walden University’s alumni magazine, where she explains how stories have been used by the nonprofit organization, where she serves as president and co-founder.

Storybooks have been used for centuries to preserve family legacies, cultivate learning, and importantly, for healing. Bibliotherapy is considered using the art of storytelling and the power of therapeutic processes to help the reader find hope and recovery by using a strength-based approach to reimagining their situations. Lindberg (2020) indicated, “Bibliotherapy aims to bridge this gap by using literature to help you improve your life by providing information, support, and guidance in the form of reading activities via books and stories” (section 1).

CEO, Shari Scher, uses storybooks to provide weekly YouTube videos for parents and children. Each week, Shari, a former educator, reads a book and provides a series on YouTube channels. Here, you can listen to Sari, as she reads Baby Star Finds Happy,” authored by Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson. For more about Shari and her resources, visit COIPP. For more eBooks for children who are affected by parental incarceration, visit

If you know of children who could benefit from the resources, please contact us using the "contact sheet." You may also visit our storybook website for free access to resources for children affected by incarceration.


Lindberg, S. 2020. Using books for healing.

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