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Using Stories For Healing

October has been filled with all sorts of exciting work, including attending the annual International Prisoner Family Conference (virtually, 10/22/2020 through 10/24/2020). During this 3-day conference, Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson and Board Advisor, Ms. Neela Hoeppner played a key role during two informative sessions.

On the first day of the conference Dr. Avon moderated a panel discussion on The Empathy Gap (bridging the gap between The Mass Incarceration Continuum and Human Rights). However, on the second day, the discussion was focused on child trauma and how storybooks can be used for healing (The Power of Storybooks to Promote Healing). This modality is called bibliotherapy. During both sessions Neela introduced the speakers, helped them to manage their time, and assisted with querying the audience and managed the chat box---something we are all becoming all too familiar with using Zoom. During each session we provided the audience with helpful information that will be shared as a link once the videos become processed and available. After the conference, if not before, we will upload the presentations as well. We are appreciative of IPFC for the opportunity to present and network during this 3-day conference.


Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson

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