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Virtual Preparation for Reentry of the Incarcerated | COVID-19 Brief

--DC Project Connect Research Team/Virtual Training Facilitators

Advocates around the world, including DC Project Connect, have made the compassionate plea to state, local, and federal prisons and jails administrators for the release of vulnerable populations who are serving time for low risk offenses. The silver lining is that many of these individuals may get released. The often overlooked challenge is that families may not know what to expect nor are they likely to be psychologically prepared to deal with unanticipated family shifts in day to day routines. This post blog will contain helpful and considerations as the week goes by.

A lack of preparation can result in stress, financial burdens, and a general sense of feeling family-disorganization. Even children may not know how to respond to someone coming home from prison, especially if there is unexplained absence. Questions may arise such as, will I catch COVID-19 from the person released? Should he or she be quarantined? What if my child has called grandma "Mom" for many years--now biological mom is returning? How do you fix that? What if children have been lied to, indicating that "Daddy is in the military"? How do you address these challenges during an already unprecedented and stressful time? We have suggestions for you.


DC Project Connect is experienced in 3 key areas that align with assisting families with this sensitive time in their lives: 1) Evidence Based Training; 2) Tailored Tools for Family; 3) Experts in Virtual Services Delivery. Watch this space.

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