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We are Heading Out Into the Community During a Pandemic


is August 1st already and today we are heading out into the community to distribute masks, sanitizer, and information cards. We are doing this work in partnership with the Reentry Action Network (RAN). With the pandemic showing no signs of slowing, one might ask, why are you going right into the heart of a community where it is known, many people are not wearing masks, to distribute Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)? The simple answer is that we care. While both of our organizations, DCPC and RAN focus on reentry initiatives and families affected by incarceration, we can’t turn a blind eye. We know that in Washington, DC 90% of those incarcerated are people of color. Additionally, these same people are those most likely impacted by underlying health conditions and susceptibility to COVID19. They tell me that when you learn about a problem, you have two choices: 1)Actively do something or 2) Actively not respond. Today we choose to make a difference!

We are distributing sanitizer, masks, and information cards, Ward 8, Washington, DC.

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